Writing is indeed the only doorway to influence larger people. Well, there are videos and mp3 now; I guess the age would change soon also. But I know one thing for sure: that people love books. Books are to be read anywhere. It can’t be neglected. Videos would – for some – fascinate eyes and imagination for a while, but books would be the best media to convey a message. Why? Because it is more challenging! In having images and sounds we almost readily brought the reality to their face, but not in books, in books there is no such thing as individualism. The reader is needed as much as the writer. Both of them have to think hardly when they write or read. The imagination and the logic of man would be developed well – unlike comics, movies, and sounds, they don’t need the audience’s imagination. They are selfish, self-centered, what they care about is only how people would see and imagine the way they imagine things. They have closed the door to “see” more. They are, in all of their appeal to senses, are indeed blinding and deafening. They are the most frightful opponents of imagination.

24 November 2010, Vincent Tanzil

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