Pondering on Knowledge and Critical Thinking

Pondering Sculpture

I have come so far to conclude, that less learning would produce less humility. When people study deeper, they would sometimes fall into the sin of “Mr. Know-everything,” but soon afterward, God would indeed show that they are “Mr. Know-nothing,” only to balance us in the end that we are “Mr. Know-something.” We must be satisfied with knowing “something,” I suppose. The road to this kind of humility is not less studying, but indeed, a lot more! How I long to see people and students learn to think critically. To think critical and be a learned person should not be the last agenda. After all, there are many “intellectuals” who have such a very degrading kind of life. What we need is discipleship, a discipleship of the mind and the heart. In there we need doctrines (what not?). And we need many practices and engagements with many other options. Indeed, as Magnis Suseno said, we need debates to clarify that there are other options out there. We can’t live with a horse glasses.

Vincent Tanzil, 23 May 2011


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